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How Files are Organized within Microsoft Teams/O365 Groups

If a user wants to store a file for an Office 365 Group, the could store it in in the “files” area of the Group, which is really just a library in the team site that was created for the group. Alternatively, they could store the file in the “files” area of a channel within a Team. This file will be stored in a subdirectory of the library for the Office 365 Group. If a user tries to view the files for a team that is associated with a group, they won’t be able to, as files are only associated with a channel, not the team itself. If a user views the files for a specific channel of a team that is associated with a group, they will only see files for that one channel, and will not be able to view files in other channels or files that were uploaded to the files repository for the Group. If, however, the user navigates to the normal O365 Group site and views the file repository, then they will be able to view group files, plus they will be able to see subfolders and files that were created for each channel within the Team that is associated with that Group, which makes sense, as the channels are associated with the group.

If a user would like to view a file, they could of course navigate to the appropriate repository, as described above, or they could simply click on “files” on the left nav of the Teams interface. Then, after clicking on “Microsoft Teams”, the user will be presented with a list of all files that exist across all all channels of all Teams they have access to. Helpfully, this list will also show files that are part of the Group, and not just the team’s channels. Just to clarify, if the user clicks on “OneDrive” in the Files tab, they will see the contents of their own personal OneDrive, not the OneDrive files for any of the teams or groups.

If the user clicks on “notes” within a channel of a Team, they will gain access to the OneNote notebook for that channel. More specifically, there is one single OneNote notebook for the Office 365 Group that is stored in the site assets library of the Group’s Team Site which hosts notes for the Group, including notes for each channel within the Team. Each channel of a Team will get a new tab within the notebook. If a user views the Notes section within the Team interface, they will see only the notes for the current channel. If the user clicks the “edit in onenote” button, they will be able to easily switch between tabs within onenote, and thereby view the notes from the different channels, or notes from any other tab that was created in the site notebook. If the user navigates to the Group site and clicks to view the notebook, the user will have full access to all tabs in the web interface, including the tabs for each team channel. This makes sense, as again, there’s one OneNote Notebook on a Group’s Team Site that stores notes for Group, including for all channels of the Team that is associated with that Group.

It really couldn’t be simpler. 😉