Hide Libraries from the Office 365 Mobile View

A few months ago, the Office 365 (SharePoint Online) mobile view was modified, and now displays all the lists and libraries on the site, including the ones that most users don’t care to see, such as “Form Templates”, “Style Library”, etc. There are no options specifically for the mobile view, and so we cannot directly choose what is displayed here, nor can we specify how items should be ordered. MS blocks us from modifying the mobile view. We can’t adjust it, add CSS, or inject JavaScript, which pretty much eliminates any customization possibilities. Disabling the OOB mobile view and using a custom master is supported, and can be fantastic, but this is a significant undertaking if the goal is just to remove a few lists/libraries from the view.

Luckily, there is one simple possibility: SharePoint Designer allows you to hide lists/libraries from the “All Content” view. Any items that are hidden from this view are also hidden on the mobile view. This setting does not change permissions, so the list/library will still be available on the site. Users will still be able to navigate to it if they know the URL, it just doesn’t show up anywhere in the nav. This would have to be done for each list/library on each site, but a PowerShell script could be created to automate this for particular libraries, if desired. This certainly isn’t a perfect solution, as the power users who need access to these libraries will now be inconvenienced and will need to either have bookmarks for these libraries or open them via SharePoint Designer.


1. Using SPD, open the desired site
2. Click on “lists and libraries” on the left side
3. Click on the name of the offending library
4. check the box for “Hide from Browser”


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