404 for SharePoint 2013 Apps hosted in a Subdomain

This is just a minor clarification on setting up DNS for SharePoint 2013 apps that are configured via a subdomain. If you’re looking for a full walkthrough of the whole process of enabling the App Store, see here:


(And, just a reminder, MS recommends that you not use a subdomain of the domain that hosts the SharePoint site anyway, but in case you did…)

Specifically, if you can get to the store, add the app, but when you browse to the app you get a 404 page not found message, then perhaps the problem is DNS. If you have the following SharePoint server:


Then one option for setting up apps is to create a subdomain:



To set up the above in DNS, add a new Alias (CNAME) record as follows:

Alias Name: *.app

This will give a FQDN of: *.app.mydomain.com

FQDN for target host: sp2013.mydomain.com

(I’ve found a few pages that describe this process but are vague about what should be specified for the FQDN for the target host. To be clear, the target host should be the SharePoint server, specifically, the WFE).


To confirm, once you have the above set up, the following commands should all return the IP for sp2013.mydomain.com:

Nslookup abc.app.mydomain.com

Nslookup xyz.app.mydomain.com

Nslookup anythingatall.app.mydomain.com



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